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Hello and we thank you for being here with us today! We are Pepeko Tours and we are dedicated to giving you the best tours in Puerto Rico.
October 2019


As a licensed Eco Tour Guide since 2006, there’s very little We don’t know about Puerto Rico. We offer you a variety of tours around the island so you are able to experience the beauty of our island. Whether you are alone, with family, or in a group, we will take you to the best places of Puerto Rico with grace and ease. We enjoy sharing our knowledge, culture and expertise with our clients, therefore making sure they feel like family. Therefore, proud to have received many referrals from my happy and satisfied customers.

With us you will experience the best Tours on the Enchanted Island and for the best prices. From local eating to relaxing beaches, we are able to show you some exciting things to do when you get here.

Our Immersion Tour will take you to beautiful landscapes and places in Puerto Rico that you would have never imagined.

Puerto Rico is called La Isla del Encanto or the Island of Enchantment for a reason and we feel its our duty to show you our home. In other words, having you falling in love with Puerto Rico and it’s beauty. In conclusion, explore our site to find out more about us and what we offer. So if you are ready to have a memorable experience. We are really looking forward to guiding you on your next adventure. Hope to see you soon or as we say, “Espero verte pronto!”.

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